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Interested in joining our upcoming webinars?

By Andy Wolter Andy Wolter, Equinosis CEO | Updated on | A Wolter, Upcoming Webinars

Interested in joining our upcoming webinars?

Dear customers & friends,

We hope everyone is healthy and coping with the global pandemic. If there can be a silver lining, it is an opportunity for many families to slow down and spend time at home together.  At this point, we hear that many large animal veterinarians are still busy and tending to the animals under their care. 

At many larger equine clinics and universities, we understand emergency-only staffing is taking place. We appreciate the sacrifices everyone is making to contain the viral spread yet care for their patients and protect our food supply.

Equinosis will be curbing travel as well, and since many of you will be at home, we think this is a great opportunity connect online. If you have been meaning to get re-engaged with Q training, this might be the perfect time. Over the coming weeks, Equinosis will be scheduling a multitude of webinars, including a 4-part Basic Training series.  We hope to include topics of interest, at times convenient to veterinarians in all parts of the world. Below are the topics already on the list. 

To submit other suggestions or to vote for your favorite days/times of the week, click here:

Submit preferred days, times, & topic >

We hope to see you online.

Best regards,

Andy Wolter

Chief Executive Officer


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