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Objective Evaluation Support (OES)

The Objective Evaluation Support (OES) program provides our customers superior back office, technical, clinical, and practice building support. This includes software updates, live support, and live and self-paced continuing education to ensure members get the most value from their Equinosis Q with Lameness Locator. This program is what pays for and ensures continued support to our customers and continual improvement of your Q.

As new and increasing uses of precision motion data occur, Equinosis – through the OES program – will ensure members have the tools and knowledge to leverage these new applications. Dr. Keegan and Equinosis continually study and research motion patterns statistically correlated to lameness conditions. Flexion AIDE, Blocking AIDE, Rider Module are just a few examples of these ever expanding applications. We look forward to a lifelong relationship with you and all of our community who understand and promote objective, quantifiable measures in equine lameness evaluation.

Program Membership Fee: $69/month

To update your OES payment method call 1 855 452 6363 ext 5.

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User Support

Equinosis’ mission is to help veterinarians provide the most objective, efficient, and profitable biomechanical care possible. We value our customers and are here to help you get the most out of your Equinosis Q.

  • Software Updates & Maintenance
  • One-on-one Consultation
  • Clinical Support Including Data Interpretation
  • Exclusive CCC Access & Discounts

Continuing Education & Training

Purchasing an Equinosis Q is the beginning of our commitment to you, not the end. The discipline of objective equine biomechanical care is in its infancy and evolving rapidly as hundreds of clinicians collect data on thousands of horses.  We will never stop improving techniques, expanding use cases, and providing richer data based on science and objectivity.

  • Live Advanced Training
  • Recorded Events
  • Discounts on RACE-Approved Continuing Education
  • Training & Case Study Library

For full details on all of the OES benefits listed above, please read:

Questions regarding your OES status?

Call 1-855-4-LAMENESS (1.855.452.6363), or write us at