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The Q: Why Every Vet Should Have it in their Practice Toolbox

The Q: Why Every Vet Should Have it in their Practice Toolbox

By Christina Frigast Christina Frigast, MRCVS, CERP, ECP | Updated on | C Frigast, Recorded Webinar

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Case Study Hour: Proximal Suspensory Desmitis

The Q: Why Every Vet Should Have it in their Practice Toolbox

Round Table: Using the Q in Ridden Evaluations

Case Study Hour: It's not the foot - now what?

Round Table: Evaluating Diagnostic Analgesia Using Objective Measures

Pitfalls of Interpretation of Diagnostic Analgesia

Maximizing Return on Investment with the Equinosis Q

Reliability of Equine Visual Lameness Classification: A Discussion on the Limitations of Subjective Evaluation

Rehabilitation of the Equine Athlete and the Aid of Objective Measures

The Ridden Evaluation Part 2: Practical Field Applications with the Q

Lameness Measurement in Thoroughbred Racing

Getting the most out of your Equinosis Q

Introduction to Objective Lameness Evaluation - Applications in Equine Practice

The Ridden Evaluation Part 1: Utilizing the Q Rider Module and Data Interpretation

Journal Watch: 1200 Horse Study Reveals Clinical Considerations for Lameness Evaluation

Utilizing Inertial Sensors in Equine Lameness Measurement (4-Part Basic Training Series)

4th Tex Cauthen Seminar - Lameness Locator Technology and the Racing Horse Roundtable Discussion

4th Tex Cauthen Seminar - How Can Inertial Sensor Technology Be Used To Prevent Racing and Training Related Injuries?

4th Tex Cauthen Seminar - Objective Asymmetry Assessment - A New Tool in the Box: Now How Do We Use It?

2019 ACVS Keynote Encore Presentation: 20+ Years of Measuring Lameness in Horses

Basic Training Webinar Series

Basic Training Webinar: Understanding Equinosis Q Data for rDVMS

Practice Building Webinar: Understanding What Clients Will Pay for Objective Lameness Evaluation

Essentials Training Webinar: Equinosis Q for Vet Techs and Assistants

Advanced Training Webinar: Lunging and Ridden Evaluations with the Q

Advanced Training Webinar: Evaluating Effects of Diagnostic Blocks with the Q

Essentials Training Webinar: Crash Course in the Q

Advanced Training Webinar: Evaluating Flexion Tests

Advanced Training Webinar: Evaluating the Lunge

Advanced Training Webinar: Evaluating MLL with Inertial Sensors

Informational Webinar: An Introduction to Lameness Locator with Dr. Kevin Keegan

Essentials Training Webinar: Understanding the Ridden Evaluation and the LL Rider Module

Advanced Training Webinar: Objective Determination of Lameness in Horses