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Case Study: Primary and Compensatory Lameness

Case Study: Primary and Compensatory Lameness

By Clara McShannon Clara McShannon, MRCVS, ECP | Updated on | Blocking, C McShannon, Case Study, Certified Practitioner, Compensatory Lameness, Primary

Signalment: An 8-year-old Welsh-X Gelding mainly used for hunting and fun-rides History: The patient was presented for veterinary evaluation of a LH lameness after a 2-4 week history of progressive lameness. At this point the patient was managed with uncontrolled field turnout. Prior Veterinary/Non-Veterinary Evaluation History Previous examinations were performed by the farrier and two chiropractors/massage therapists. The farrier examination was unremarkable. The two other examinations described the issue to be related to back pain and the pelvis being “out”. This was reportedly corrected, and rest was advised for the residual back pain. Veterinary evaluation revealed a severe...

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Case Study: Medial Meniscal Injury in a Saddlebred

Case Study: Medial Meniscal Injury in a Saddlebred

By Kevin Keegan Kevin G. Keegan, DVM, MS, DACVS | Updated on | Case Study, KG Keegan, Medial Meniscal Injury, Saddlebred

Signalment: 11-yo American Saddlebred gelding History: Presented for evaluation of a suspect hind limb lameness of 1-year duration. Over this time, multiple distal limb blocks were performed by a referring veterinarian without improvement in lameness. Radiographs of the hocks and stifles were previously obtained (and later assessed on referral) and found to be within normal limits. The gelding has been treated with firocoxib and methocarbamol with mild improvement and injections of hock, stifle, and SI joints were performed with limited short-term improvement. The hind limb lameness is intermittent but has been worsening with time. Objective and subjective lameness...

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Case Study: Primary and Compensatory Lameness

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