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The Equinosis Practitioner Certification Program

The mission of the Equinosis Practitioner Certification Program is to instill capable and confident objective evaluators and Equinosis Q users by standardizing and defining the skills and knowledge required of those offering objective lameness evaluation services. 

If used correctly, inertial sensors will measure precisely how the patient moves. A capable objective lameness evaluator understands not only how to collect the data, but how to apply the biomechanical principles in a clinical setting.

The Program advances objective lameness care through a structured, competency-based training program, ensuring participants are educated in providing a properly informed evaluation.

Equinosis created the Program to encourage training participation and to distinguish those who make the effort to master the material. 


    • To qualify and participate in the certification program, licensed veterinarians must be  Equinosis Q users, utilizing the latest software version of Lameness Locator, and be a current Equinosis Objective Evaluation Support (OES) member. Current users who are interested in certification and are unsure about their OES status or need assistance updating their software can email

    • Register by contacting

    • Following registration, you will receive access to your certification training portal.

    • Complete the Basic Training Modules for Veterinarians and Comprehension Checks with a minimum score of 70% on each quiz.

    • Demonstrate field proficiency by performing 20 evaluations, which will be verified and reviewed by Director of Veterinary Services, Dr. Laurie Tyrrell.  The 20 evaluations must include at least:

        • 10 cases with diagnostic blocks
        • 10 cases with lunging
        • 1 case with flexion
    • Submit one case study demonstrating the utility of objective lameness measurement (template will be provided). The case study will be reviewed and discussed with the candidate for approval.
    • Complete a comprehensive examination with a  passing score of at least 90%. Examination is Multiple Choice, ~45-50 questions.