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LLTouch Tutorials for Equine Veterinarians

Welcome to The Equinosis Q with Lameness Locator Touch Software tutorial page for Equine Veterinarians. For more information on official New User training and RACE-approved courses, contact us or visit

Section 1: Core Concepts

  • Core Concepts: Introduction
  • Core Concepts: Model and Method of Measuring Lameness
  • Core Concepts: Forelimb Biomechanics
  • Core Concepts: Hind Limb Biomechanics

Section 2: Getting Started

  • Sensors and Instrumentation
  • UI Overview + Adding Horses

Section 3: Data Collection and Report Interpretation

  • Data Collection for the Straight Line
  • Trial Review + Creating Comparison Reports
  • Interpreting the Straight Line Report
  • Evaluating Multiple Limb Lameness
  • Stabilizing the Lameness
  • Evaluating Flexion and Manipulation Tests
  • Evaluating the Lunge
  • Evaluating the Diagnostic Block
  • Backing Up Data
  • Correcting Trial Input

Rider Module

  • Utilizing the Rider Module - Data Collection and Analysis
  • Utilizing the Rider Module - Report Interpretation

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