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Randie Dugger of James H Tilley DVM PA, AR, USA

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Randie Dugger of James H Tilley DVM PA, AR, USA

Randie Dugger is a veterinary technician in Hot Springs, Arkansas, the state in which she is native to.

Randie attended Henderson State University on a soft ball scholarship studying in Medical coding. After college she began her medical career as a certified dental assistant.

Randie has always been passionate about animals, particularly horses, which led her to follow her dream in the veterinary medical field. Randie is a member of the AAEVT and will be completing her certification in their program in the spring of 2021.

Randie works in a general equine practice involving many aspects of equine medicine, surgery, reproductive and dentistry. In all aspects of her career as a technician, she is very skilled and diversified.

Out of all Randie’s strengths, one is her positive outgoing personality which motivates everyone around her, colleagues and clients as well. Randie challenges herself as well as others lifting everyone around her to a new level.

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