Informational Webinar: Objective Lameness Measurement with the Equinosis Q

By Laurie Tyrrell-Schroeder Laurie Tyrrell-Schroeder, DVM | Updated on | Informational Webinar, LT Schroeder

Informational Webinar: Objective Lameness Measurement with the Equinosis Q

Interested in learning how objective lameness measurement can improve your sports medicine & lameness care and benefit your practice?

Equinosis Director of Veterinary Services Dr. Laurie Tyrrell-Schroeder presents an overview of measuring lameness using the Equinosis Q – the industry leading inertial sensor-based system used in over 75 universities and 35 countries.

Dr. Tyrrell-Schroeder presents the advantages of objective measurement in the clinical lameness examination, including:

  • overcoming physical and psychological limitations
  • identifying stride-to-stride and trial-to-trial variability
  • identifying potential compensatory patterns in multiple limb lameness
  • quantifying amplitude of lameness, and assessing change - whether due to diagnostic analgesia, treatment & rehabilitation, or simply monitoring performance over time.

Dr. Tyrrell-Schroeder explains the biomechanical model used in the Equinosis Q analysis of lameness, the information it provides, and various ways to incorporate lameness measurement into your daily practice. In addition, clinical cases submitted by Equinosis Q users are presented showing how lameness measurement is improving veterinary care in the field.

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