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The Pelvic Sensor Cradle for Harness Horses

By Equinosis Logo Equinosis Staff | Updated on | Equinosis Staff, Pelvic Sensor Guidance, Utilizing the Equinosis Pelvic Pad

The Pelvic Sensor Cradle for Harness Horses


The pelvic sensor cradle accessory allows for secure attachment of the pelvic sensor on midline with simultaneous use of the harness crupper. Buy at

Step 1: Turn on the pelvic sensor. Place the pelvic sensor within the tunnel of the cradle so that it is seated in the center of the tunnel. 

Step 2: Place a pelvic foam pad horizontally across the tuber sacrale. 

Step 3: Attach two pieces of dual lock tape longitudinally (to create a patch of maximum width) in the center of the pad, between the tuber sacrale. Note: one piece of dual lock tape could be used horizontally over the center of the tuber sacrale; however, two pieces allow for greater surface area and easier positioning. 

Step 4: Attach the pelvic sensor cradle to the horse, lining up the two dual lock tape patches, ensuring that the cradle is centered on the pelvis and the pelvic sensor is on the midline of the horse. Click the dual lock tapes into each other.  

*Be sure that the orientation of the sensor within the tunnel is correct. The lip of the sensor should be facing cranially (toward head), and the sensor charging plates should be facing caudally (toward tail).

Step 5: Lay the crupper across the top of the device, seating it within the trough above the pelvic sensor. The tension of the overlying crupper provides additional security of the cradle. 

Step 6: Use a strip of sticky adhesive tape, such as Gorilla Duct Tape, on each side, placing the tape down the top of each side of the cradle to the gluteals of the horse, pressing the tape firmly into the horse for secure attachment. Alternatively, if the crupper is not too thick, you could use one strip across the entire cradle.

Thank you Dr. Sébastien Caure of Clinique Equine de Livet, France and Per Riber Rasmussen of Eickemeyer, Denmark for this novel design!

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