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Eye on Objectivity: Spring 2022 Letter from the CEO

By Andy Wolter Andy Wolter, Equinosis CEO | Updated on | A Wolter, Multiple Limb Lameness

Eye on Objectivity: Spring 2022 Letter from the CEO

Dear Reader,

Diagnosis of multiple limb lameness can be one of the most challenging processes our customers face. Although measuring lameness with our technology is easy, getting to its correct source under a confounding presentation is not. This entire edition of Eye on Objectivity (EoO) is dedicated to understanding what we see, what we measure, and the often-complex relationships between the cause of lameness and how it is expressed in the trotting quadruped.  We hope this special edition serves as a reference guide you keep and can review before evaluating a tricky case.  

Using the Principle of Parsimony (known as Ockham’s Razor) in his approach to understanding compensatory and secondary lameness, Dr. Keegan reminds us that, given multiple possible explanations, the simplest is usually the correct one.  Whether explaining subjective evaluation techniques using dozens of competing visual cues or putting instruments on every limb and multiple competing objective features, Ockham warns that more complexity is not a path to truth – it usually just confuses the truth.

As Equinosis continues pursuing the simplest, most efficient, and accurate methods of measuring lameness, progress continues on the racing-focused 2-sensor application I wrote about in the last edition of EoO.  Furthermore, our most significant sensor redesign in a decade is officially underway.  Look for exciting new features and functionality before year end.  

Finally, we are thrilled to be connecting with so many veterinarians in the field.  By the time this reaches your mailbox, Dr. Deborah Sieber will be Down Under on a 3-week customer training tour.  If Dr. Sieber couldn’t see you on this trip, we intend to be back in a couple months!  Wherever you are in the world, please let us know if you would like to connect.  Whether we can come to you, meet at an event (including our new 2-day, 13-hour CE course in Missouri), or connect virtually, we will make every effort to help you provide the most objective, efficient, and profitable equine locomotive care.

Objectively yours,

Andy Wolter Signature

Andy Wolter

Equinosis CEO

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