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Eye on Objectivity: Summer 2022 - Letter from the CEO

By Andy Wolter Andy Wolter, Equinosis CEO | Updated on | A Wolter, Letter from CEO, Lunging

Eye on Objectivity: Summer 2022 - Letter from the CEO

Dear Reader,

Off to the races!   

Not only an idiom describing Equinosis’ frenetic first half of 2022, but literally what we are doing this week.  Dr. Sieber joins Racing Victoria in Melbourne as the keynote speaker (August 2) for their annual seminar while, Drs. Keegan, Tyrrell and I travel to New Jersey’s Meadowlands Racetrack for the annual veterinary seminar & CE accompanying the Hambletonian Stakes – the “Kentucky Derby of harness racing”.  It is exciting to work with the racing community, to experience the challenges trackside, and to share Equinosis’ latest enhancements designed for more efficient and accurate data collection in their environments. 

I’m happy to report that the next generation of sensors is on schedule for delivery this year.  These game-changing sensors should provide huge benefits for all of our customers in ease & range of data collection, sensor to device Bluetooth communications, and battery reliability. The substantial increase in onboard data storage capacity of the sensor will be particularly helpful to those collecting data the entire distance around the track.

This issue of EoO focuses on lunging – a movement that often produces significant natural differences in symmetry depending on the direction (left or right) and surface characteristics. Dr. Tyrrell explains the nuances and special considerations when measuring lameness at the lunge.  

I want to invite you to an upcoming session of our new 2-day lameness evaluation immersion course.  This is an amazing opportunity to dive deep and sharpen your skills with objective lameness evaluation alongside the world’s leading experts. In 2022-23 we plan to offer the course in both Fulton, MO and Naples, FL. See page 2 for more details. A special thanks to Dr. Paul Schiltz and the William Woods University, Fulton, MO staff for helping us provide a memorable experience and learning environment for course participants. 

Finally, congratulations to Dr. Mitch Byrd (Aiken Equine Veterinary Associates, South Carolina), the most recent Equinosis Certified Practitioner. Read Dr. Byrd’s case study "Detection of low level bilateral suspensory desmitis with the aid of objective measurement” on page 23.

Objectively yours,

Andy Wolter
Equinosis CEO

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