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Webinar Series: Ridden Evaluation with the Q

By Christina Frigast Christina Frigast, MRCVS, CERP, ECP | Laurie Tyrrell-Schroeder Laurie Tyrrell-Schroeder, DVM | Updated on | C Frigast, LT Schroeder

Participants in this two part series will be provided with an overview of using the Equinosis Q rider module.

In "The Ridden Evaluation Part 1: Utilizing the Q Rider Module and Data Interpretation", Dr. Laurie Tyrrell will discuss data collection guidelines, data interpretation and expected rider influences, along with guidance for those conducting ridden evaluations without the rider module.

In "The Ridden Evaluation Part 2: Practical Field Applications with the Q", Dr. Christina Frigast will discuss practical applications and tips on using the Equinosis Q in the ridden evaluation. Discussion will include case examples with report interpretation guidance.

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