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Deborah Sieber, BVetMed of Barnside Veterinary Services, NY, USA

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Deborah Sieber, BVetMed of Barnside Veterinary Services, NY, USA

Dr. Deborah Sieber joined Equinosis in 2016 to help spread the principles of objective evaluation globally. As an Expert in objective evaluation, and an avid traveler, Deborah provides product education, clinical consulting, client education, and sales & event support in the eastern US, Europe, and Asia.

A native of the United Kingdom and a Royal Veterinary College (London) graduate, before becoming a veterinarian, Deborah trained racehorses at top level in Italy, mainly for UK owners, including Mr. Robert Sangster. She has in-depth knowledge and passion for the racing industry – and has ridden in many races as an amateur jockey herself.

Deborah has owned practices in the UK and the United States, with clients from all aspects of the equestrian world. She has also worked as a veterinarian in Singapore for the Singapore Polo Club and Bukhit Timar Saddle Club- working with Dressage, Jumping and Polo Ponies. Upon her return to the United States in 2014, she opened Barnside Veterinary Services in Armonk, NY. In the same year, she participated in the USTA Driver’s School, to enhance her knowledge of the Standardbred Industry.

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