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Clara McShannon, DVM, MRCVS of Pump Lane Equine, UK

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Clara McShannon, DVM, MRCVS of Pump Lane Equine, UK

About: Clara graduated from the University of Sassari, Sardinia in 2013 and has done a pre degree externship at Peterson and Smith Equine Hospital in Ocala, Florida followed by a post degree elective externship as Vet responsible for Early Post Partum mare care at Paul Schockemohle’s sport horse breeding facility “Gestut Lewitz “, both fundamental experiences for her future career.

She moved to UK in 2014 and started working as locum vet before settling in the North East of England working mainly as equine vet for few years.

In early 2018 she got offered a position as Product Specialist at Eickemeyer and got involved into demos, training and performing some lectures on the Equinosis Q lameness locator in UK and in Italy.

She got acknowledged as certified Equinosis Objective Evaluation Expert in April 2019.

Since December 2019 she is back full time into clinical practice and she looks forward to bring her experience with the Equinosis Q into her daily work at Pump Lane Equine Practice and to share her knowledge on objective lameness evaluation and the use of the Q with Practice Owner, Dr Robin Wells.

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